About Us

Tropic New Energy is the professional system integration and solution provider for clean energy including gas reciprocating engine driven Co-Gen/Tri-gen, flywheel kinetic energy storage and heat recovery from industrial waste heat and geothermal.

We provide full scope customized services from initial sales, project management, engineering, installation to commissioning and long term, reliable maintenance. Our network covers the markets of ASEAN and Great China region to commit the high quality service and fast response. Tropic New Energy has only one focus; the clean and renewable energy for a better future. To provide energy solution and crate the value to our customers is our ultimate goal and the only insistence.

Tropic New Energy is driven by CLLS Group which is the company entity and driving force behind the us to possesses the strength in depth in technologies, facilities and manpower resources for delivering the top quality solutions that give the best value and peace of mind.

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