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2G Energy chp 2G Energy chp image

The complete CHP (Combine Heating and Power) units integrated the gas enginator and heat recovery module for power generation and heat energy supply including hot water, steam and chilled water. Suitable for on site energy applications with multiple gas fuels including natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, coal mine gas and flare gas. A well proved technology for clean and renewable energy solution with advantages for high efficiency (>80%) and fast installation.

Vycon Flywheel Energy Storage vycn

The mechanical energy storage module with advantages for small footprint, low heat rejection and low maintenance demands. Flexible to be integrated with UPS from most of leading brands manufacturers. Suitable for wide range applications including emergency power backup and regenerative power storage.

KS (Kaishan) Heat Recovery Technology ks

The cutting edge heat recovery technology from Kaishan, China and Kerry, USA. Through unique design screw expander with high isentropic efficiency (>80%), KS SSE (Steam Screw Expander) and ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) transfers the heat input in forms such as steam and hot water to high value electrical output for clean energy supply on site. KS’ technology is flexible to work with heat sources from high heat value to low enthalpy inputs for wide range applications including industrial waste heat and geothermal.

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