Combined Heat & Power Generation. Highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

The simultaneous generation of mechanical energy and useful heat is called combined power and heat (CHP) generation. While the mechanical energy is converted directly into electricity, the heat can be used to heat, cool or generate steam. The heat resulting from the electricity generation therefore does not simply escape into the atmosphere unused, but is put to good use. This makes combined heat and power technology so efficient and environmentally friendly. Up to 40 percent of primary energy is saved. CO2 emissions fall by up to 60 percent compared to conventional electricity generation in large power plants.


CHP technology is a distributed energy system to supply the energy demands of electricity, heating and cooling at site. It reduces the transfer loss and is able to achieve more than 80% energy efficiency by using the output for both electrical energy and heat energy. Since the CHP is driven by gas reciprocating engines, it’s applicable for multiple gas including natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, flare gas and coal mine gas with a wide range applications including renewable energy. It is a key component to fit the trend of micro grid and smart grid for future developments.

The Core Applications

Core Applications

Modules With Flexible Designs To Satisfy Multiple Energy Demands