Natural Gas

Natural gas is the cleanest fuel in all the fossil energy resources since it has the lowest levels of carbon dioxide production. It is the best fuel for Co-Gen and Tri-Gen applications driven by gas reciprocating engines.

The Co-Gen / Tri-Gen are applied for a broad application range of commercial, industrial and municipal uses. It’s a distributed energy system can either generate power to satisfy the demand at site as island mode or export electricity to the grid. The heat produced by engines can be utilized to produce either hot water or steam for use. In addition, the heat can be fed into an absorption chiller providing a source of chilled water to support the cooling demands at site as well.

Other benefits come with Co-Gen and Tri-Gen when using natural gas as fuel. Since high quality fuel gas can be supplied from pipeline, the fuel loss during transportation and distribution can be avoided and the safety is increased for no fuel storage at site. High efficiency energy utilization also can be achieved by recovering the waste heat to supply heating and cooling system which meets the trend for smart grid development. It also provides significant financial savings on fuel costs used to supply electricity and heat. In additional, in some countries the government provides encourage policies for tax and FiT (Feed in Tariff) to support the developments of environment friendly energy systems.