In some industries, such as petrochemical, steel, paper-making…etc., there is a lot of hot water, steam or gas generated in production process. Usually, all these heat resources will be discharged or cooled. It is not only polluting the atmosphere but also waste the latent heat…Fossil fuel reserves depleted rapidly.

How to use energy efficient and develop the renewable energy resources such as geothermal, biomass becomes to a new challenge today. Based on its patent screw expander technology, KS has developed a whole new solution to transfer the valuable heat energy from high heat value to low enthalpy resources into electrical power by its SSE (Steam Screw Expander) and ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle). It provides new solutions for wide range applications from industrial waste heat and geothermal.

KS provides customized design products to fit the unique requests from each client. By its highest isentropic efficiency (>80%) and wide capacity range from 20kW to 3MW, KS heat recovery technology can always guarantee the best system operation without compromise and overkill.


Steam Screw expander: from 5barG to 1.08arG (11.77 t/h 5barG saturated steam)
Isentropic Efficiency 80 75    70   65  60    55 50
Net Power 715.5  670.5 625.4  580.4  535.4 490.3  445.3 
Power Output
161  151 140   130  120 110   100
The IE of Kaishan Screw Expander is more than 70%, and normal small turbine is 50~60%.
ORC WH Power Plant: at rating of 2.6 t/h, 100’C Saturated Steam
Isentropic Efficiency 90 85 75  65   55 50  
Net Power 148  138 118 98 78 68  
Heat Efficiency 9.2 8.5 7.3  6.1 4.9 4.2  
Power Output
218 203 174 144 115 100  
The IE of Kaishan ORC Power Plant is up to 85 – 88%, and normal small turbine is 50~60%.