The current system of geothermal power generation consists of individual geothermal wells that feed a central power production plant, This system suffers from a variety of disadvantages for high initial investment costs and a long construction time of 4-5 years. The investment payback period is increased by long distances between wells and the pipeline works. Some wells with lower energy level which are not able to feed into power plants even cause the wastages.

KS offers a unique technology for decentralized geothermal power generation one Well, One Plant instead of a large central power plant a smaller-scale geothermal power plant accompanies each wellhead These wellhead geothermal power plants have either cascaded organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems. hybrid/cascaded steam expansion and ORC systems our ORC screw expanders’ isentropic efficiency is as high as 85-88%, and our screw steam expanders is as high as 80% As a result, our technologies allow these small plants to achieve even higher thermal efficiency than a larger one.


Technology Energy utilization
Hybrid (SSE+ORC) Vapor + Two Phase + Liquid + NCG
Steam Turbine Vapor

The benefits and advantages

  • The distributed power generation unit built on site to reduce the risk of drilling new wells and increase the efficiency by using the wells have lower energy level which are not able to be applied by central power plant.
  • Flexible for steam including NCG (None Condensable Gas) content and low enthalpy heat reservoirs (90~150 degree Celsius).
  • Customized design for real remands on site and minimize the energy loss caused by transportation to bring out the best performance and efficiency.
  • Induction generator technology has no needs for paralleling control to export electricity and save the cost for piping and wiring in the meantime.
  • Fast installation can be accomplished in 6 months. Flexible for hybrid system integration and easy expansion.