Industrial Waste Heat

High-pressure transmit and low-pressure use is the key features of steam. It mostly equips PRV in use site if there is heat demand in following process. However, the energy loss of the pressure is also the economic loss… Today, these waste heat sources are all useful for screw expander generator. The screw expander provides a renewable power solution by converting low, medium and high temperature heat into electrical energy. It can achieve energy saving and environment protection. Undoubtedly, it is an efficient, clean and reliable way to achieve energy saving and environment protection.

When meeting high heat value waste heat resources, KS is flexible to provide the integration by combining SSE and ORC as a hybrid system to use the energy input as possible and bring out the best performance and benefit to end users.

The benefits and advantages

  • The distributed power generation unit built on site with small foot prints.
  • Flexible for steam including NCG (None Condensable Gas) content and low enthalpy heat reservoirs (90~150 degree Celsius). Energy stages utilization can be achieved through series connections or hybrid system of SSE and ORC.
  • Customized design for real remands on site. Fast installation and easy expansion.
  • Induction generator technology has no needs for paralleling control.
  • Transfer the waste heat to high value electrical output which is able to improve the energy utilization efficiency at site and also flexible to export the electricity to grid.