Vycon Flywheel Energy Storage

Calnetix Technologies specializes in high-performance, high-speed motor generators, advanced magnetic bearings and high-frequency power electronics. Innovation in these disciplines is driven by competitive spirit and significant investment in research and development activities, which have lead to numerous patents and technical advancements in core products that continue to keep Calnetix ahead of the competition. Combining products and capabilities, Calnetix provides comprehensive integration services to assist customers in the design, development and production of the most energy advanced systems.

Subsidiary History and Brands

Calnetix Technologies’ research and development team internally derives and develops technological innovations for subsystems that easily integrate into OEM systems to provide value-added products to end users. In this way, Calnetix Technologies also serves as the technology nucleus of the Calnetix group of companies, which currently include Access Energy, LLC and VYCON, Inc. Access Energy develops and supplies binary waste heat recovery systems that produce electricity from small-scale industrial applications, and VYCON, Inc., develops and supplies environmentally friendly flywheel based energy storage systems for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), rail and other applications.


Max Power Rating

  • VDC-XE: 300kW
  • DC voltage: 400~600V
  • Paralleled for capacity / redundancy

Footprint / Weight

  • 6.25 sq ft / 1554 lbs.

Standard Features Include:

  • DC Breaker
  • 4 line display
    Top or bottom cable entry standard

Options Include:

  • MOB Bus
  • Touch Screen
  • ATS/Genset start
  • Customer Interface Board
  • OSHPD Seismic Certification


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