Battery Drain Resources

The Optimal Energy Storage Solution for Mission – Critical Applications

If used in the place of batteries, VYCON systems save the time and costs associated with battery storage, maintenance and replacement. If used in parallel with batteries, the VYCON energy storage systems become the first line of defense against power anomalies – saving the batteries for prolonged power outages, thus significantly increasing battery life by absorbing over 98% of the discharges that would have normally caused the batteries to be cycled. High cycling is one of the main causes of premature battery end of life.

Using patented kinetic energy storage, the VDC product line is the perfect solution for users needing a more reliable, cost-effective and greener approach to backup power in place of hazardous, lead-acid based batteries used in critical mission applications. Certified by most major brands of three-phase UPS’s, the systems interface with the DC bus of the UPS just like a bank of batteries, receiving charging current from the UPS and providing DC current to the UPS inverter during discharge. Upon loss of utility power to the UPS, 300 kW of regulated DC power per VDC unit is instantly delivered to the UPS. This provides the backup power needed to start up and transition to the emergency generators during a prolonged utility outage. Multiple VDC systems can be paralleled for longer run times or N+1 redundancy.