Regenerative Electricity Utilizations

Efficient and Economical Energy Storage For Metro Trains

Unlike other energy storage technologies, such as batteries and super capacitors, which consist of hundreds or thousands of small voltage cells connected in series and in parallel, the VYCON native 750 Vdc or 1500 Vdc motor generator provides a bulk source of energy storage and provides:

  • The highest reliability and availability
  • The ability to operate continuously for a 2-minute headway metro operation without compromising product life
  • The lowest life cycle cost, lowest maintenance and operational costs and lowest installed costs
  • The smallest footprint per kWh of storage
  • Fast and simple installation and commissioning (can be done by operator)
  • Scalability through parallel REGEN systems to increase storage capacity
  • No interruption to metro rail operations or performance degradation over time due any and all of the following:
    • Number of cycles
    • Ambient temperature
    • Energy amount of each cycle
    • Size of the energy storage installed
    • Hours of operation

Advantages of the Modular VYCON REGEN 125 kW system include:

  • Custom operating system and software interfaces optimized for the rail industry
  • Ability to operate without interdependency
  • Ability to optimize storage needs per installation site or over an entire line
  • Ability to program to optimize for energy storage, payback, voltage sags or performance as a substation

Advantages of working with Calnetix include:

  • Easy in-house modeling tools and one-on-one training available for operators to optimize their energy storage system for their own rail operations
    • Determine where and how much energy storage to make available
    • Optimize per maximum energy savings or maximum return on capital
  • Diagnostic and prognostic information available for operators